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Southern States Fiber Plus Textured Horse Feed


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Southern States Fiber Plus is a low starch and high fat feed providing increased feeding safety and high caloric density to maintain good body condition and performance. It is a perfect option for the commercial horse owner, boarding barn or training facility. It is a complete feed for mature horses with maintenance, work and show requirements.


Crude Protein(min.)12.00%Crude Fat(min.)10.00%Crude Fiber(max.)15.00%Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF)(max.)17.00%Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF)(max.)34.00%Calcium (Ca) (min.) 0.80%(max.)1.30%Phosphorus (P)(min.)0.50%Copper (Cu)(min.)40 ppmSelenium (Se)(min.)0.60 ppmZinc (Zn)(min.)120 ppmVitamin A(min.)5,000 lU/lbVitamin D(min.)400 IU/lbVitamin E(min.)75 IU/lb

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