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Mo-Deck Spray

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No one knows commercial mowers better than us... except YOU.  Over the years, we have refined our products for you,
the landscape professional.  We have tested most major brands of lawn mowers in the morning dew, in the rain and in the spring when all grass is wet and heavy.  
MO-DECK reduces the buildup of grass under the mowing deck so there is little or no scraping.  The mower without MO-DECK had to be driven up the trailer ramp, over hung and scraped down.  What a pain with the newer Z-Turn mowers.  We successfully tested it on Bobcat®, Dixie Chopper®, Exmark®, Ferrirs®, Grasshopper®, Hustler®, Ransomes®, Scag®, Toro®, Walker®, and Yazoo®.  Test your mower today.

MO-DECK was invented by a chemist who became frustrated with wet grass sticking to his mower deck and clumping and clogging his grass catcher chute.  After many attempts he developed a polymer blend that worked great, was easy to apply and sprays clear.  Great for tools too!

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