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Himalayan Salt Lick with Rope

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Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Licks are obviously distinctive by their color,  however it's not just this that sets them apart from other licks.  We like to describe them as salt licks with 'nothing added and nothing taken out' and we believe they are one of the purest forms of salt (sodium chloride ) available.

Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Licks have been analysed and have been shown to be predominantly sodium chloride, with other trace elements such as potassium and magnesium which are vital for maintaining health, and iron which is responsible for the distinctive rose pink color.  Himalayan Rock Salt Licks are literally rock hard, which means that horses and ponies are unable to bite chunks off, a problem that can occur with the softer 'pressed' salt licks. The licks are also much more weather-resistant and can be hung up in the pasture for horses and ponies to 'self dose' exactly as nature intended.

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