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DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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Blue Leaf Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a diesel exhaust fluid designed to meet the needs of all new 2010 diesel engine powered vehicles using SCR technology across Canada and the US.

While your demand for diesel exhaust fluid starts small, it will grow exponentially and not all suppliers are created equal. Blue Leaf Diesel Exhaust Fluid is supplied and packaged by the largest supplier of diesel exhaust fluid to fleets in North America.

Blue Leaf Diesel Exhaust Fluid meets ISO 22241 standards, API standards, and carries API certification. 

Why choose Blue Leaf?


Top quality diesel exhaust fluid, such as Blue Leaf, is essential to keeping fleets running and operators maximizing their SCR investment. Contaminating diesel exhaust fluid can severely damage an engine and is very costly to repair. Blue Leaf is guaranteed to meet ISO 22241 standards and is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

How to Properly Handle Blue Leaf:


* Only fill the designated diesel exhaust fluid tank with diesel exhaust fluid the tank and nozzle are clearly marked.
* Keep your diesel exhaust fluid contaminate free from dust and dirt. Only use approved diesel exhaust fluid equipment for dispensing and filling of diesel exhaust fluid.
* Protective clothing is not necessary while handling diesel exhaust fluid.
* Diesel exhaust fluid freezes at 12 F. Frozen diesel exhaust fluid does not harm the integrity of the product, simply thaw for use.
* Only use diesel exhaust fluid that has been delivered in dedicated, sealed diesel exhaust fluid packaging.
* Keep your diesel exhaust fluid stored properly to maximize its life span of up to one year.

Do Not:

* Do not fill diesel exhaust fluid into the diesel tank.
* Do not fill diesel into the diesel exhaust fluid tank .
* Diesel exhaust fluid is not hazardous, but avoid getting diesel exhaust fluid on your clothes or skin. If you do, remove easily with just water to prevent irritation of sensitive skin.
* Clean up spilled diesel exhaust fluid with water, as the area may be slippery.
* Do not mix diesel exhaust fluid with water or other substances, especially diesel fuel.

What is SCR?

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is an innovative technology in which manufacturers of diesel vehicles have jointly adopted to meet the 2010 emission standards of the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) Clean Air Act. SCR is a technology that produces the reduction of exhaust fume emissions required by legislation while allowing optimum engine operation in terms of performance and fuel consumption.

How does SCR work?

SCR technology reduces emissions of the NOx gases that are produced inside the engine during combustion. This process requires the correct injected volume of diesel exhaust fluid, which is sprayed into the hot exhaust gas stream just prior to the SCR unit. The diesel exhaust fluid is hydrolyzed to ammonia which then inside the SCR unit, assists in the breakdown of NOx to harmless Nitrogen gas and water.

Blue Leaf Diesel Exhaust Fluid is the most efficient way to take full advantage of SCR technology and to meet EPA emission regulations. Located in both the U.S. and Canada, BlueLeaf not only offers the highest quality diesel exhaust fluid, but turn-key solutions to meet all your equipment and business needs.

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