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Southern States Calf Maker MP with BM (BVT) Medicated


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Southern States Calf Maker® MP with BM (BVT) Medicated is an all-milk protein milk replacer powder that provides balanced nutrition for the daily growth and maintenance of dairy calves. This highly digestible, medicated formula is intended to be fed to dairy calves from birth to 5-7 weeks of age and contains Bovatec® for control of coccidiosis. It contains Bio-Mos® as a natural remedy for intestinal issues as well as the plant-based feed additive Digestarom® that provides a mixture of essential oils, herbs, spices and extracts that naturally promote feed intake, digestion and growth. Calf Maker MP uses cheese industry co-products such as whey to make milk replacers a more economically sound choice over whole milk. 

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